BIOROCK, the Original.

BIOROCK, the Original.

Posted on 31 Jan 2013 by Biorock

Our Technology

In nature, the sewage water treatment process of pollutants is fuelled by oxygen in the air only. BIOROCK technology uses the same biological process for a shorter period. The greatest amount of oxygen that can be dissolved in Water can break down up to 14.6mg sewage pollutants per liter whereas air has 299.05mg oxygen per liter. As a result, the most efficient breakdown of sewage pollutants takes place on and in the aerobic part of the soil in nature.

At BIOROCK we have understood this process, and we have designed our tanks and specifically the air draft accordingly. The air is the “oil and engine” of BIOROCK non-electrical sewage treatment plants. Our technology is different: Green, sustainable, 100% natural.

A short comparison with conventional technologies:

Conventional, liquid-based sewage systems leave the waste in the water; an electrical blower then pumps air in the tank to break down pollutants into the liquid effluent in the tank.

BIOROCK non-electrical sewage treatment technology:

The key advantage of our system is the separation of both the primary water treatment (sedimentation) and secondary water treatment (filtering and consumption of the waste by the bacterias). The first phase of the non-electrical water treatment of the waste takes place in the primary tank and the second phase inside the treatment unit. BIOROCK is the original developer of this non-electrical sewage treatment technology. The result of years of research and development is a sewage treatment plant using no energy, no electricity-driven pumps, motors, engines, or compressors in the treatment unit.

“RETROFIT” application:

The BIOROCK non-electrical sewage treatment plant can be retrofitted onto a traditional 2 chamber septic tank already installed in the ground. This application is ideal to upgrade older septic tanks and failing soakaways. Nevertheless, you can’t install a BIOROCK treatment plant after every septic tank; our engineers will first visit your site and check the tank (shape, volume, material, condition of the tank) before advising this solution.
If your site and septic tank are suitable for a retrofit add-on of a BIOROCK unit, your actual septic tank becomes the primary settlement tank of the BIOROCK sewage treatment system and you just connect our unit to the septic tank's outlet.  The quality of the effluent discharged by the system will meet sufficient standards to flow to a watercourse or a ditch.

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