GOOD NEWS FROM SOUTH AFRICA: BIOROCK wastewater treatment plants are now available at Leroy Merlin

GOOD NEWS FROM SOUTH AFRICA: BIOROCK wastewater treatment plants are now available at Leroy Merlin

Posted on 04 May 2021 by Christel Astakhoff

About two years ago, we were excited to announce the new adventure we started with Hummingbird Holdings in South Africa: The creation of BIOROCK® AFRICA.

Since then, and in spite of the global Covid crisis, BIOROCK® AFRICA’s worked tirelessly to grow the BIOROCK footprint and distribution network across Africa, helping us to get one step closer to our ambitious goal; igniting a global revolution in the way people recycle and treat their wastewater.

It’s no surprise that our products are so popular on this beautiful continent: not only does the entire process operate without electricity, but the exceptional effluent quality allows the users to re-use the treated water for irrigation purposes.

In March, a new milestone was reached in the evolution of the home wastewater treatment market in South Africa. Eric Mukhola, General Manager at BIOROCK Africa has informed us that his team succeeded in joining the business program of Leroy Merlin. Yay! Congratulations Eric, and the team of BIOROCK Africa!

South African homeowners and tradesmen can now conveniently buy the MONOBLOCK sewage treatment system, instead of a septic tank, together with all their other building materials from one merchant.


In Europe, most of us know Leroy Merlin, as it’s the n°1 construction material and home improvement store in many countries. Leroy Merlin’s presence on the South African market is young and promising, the company opened its third store in the country recently.

We’re excited to have such a well-established partner and we are confident that this collaboration will lead to new business opportunities. This is a great opportunity to extend our reach throughout the African continent, and offer innovative, economic, and eco-friendly options for wastewater treatment to African communities.

Thank you, Eric and team, for helping us achieve our goal of introducing BIOROCK Technology across the African continent.

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