Best design to fit to specific high ground water installation

Objavljeno dne 13 Apr 2015

Our Research and Development team has developed the best design to fit to specific high ground water installation conditions that our tanks face in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom.

Unlike other small sewage treatment systems which are not suitable for high groundwater conditions, BIOROCK plants can be installed in high water table or high groundwater sites by one of our trained installers.

Reinforced HDPE tanks

Our reinforced HDPE tanks will resist high ground water pressure extremely well. The strength of our ultra-strong tanks has been tested through the Wet Pit Test where our tanks were submerged in a swimming pool to a level above the inlet pipe, imitating a submersion to ground water.

The inside reinforcements of our HDPE tanks have been designed accordingly in order to avoid bending, cracking or popping-up.

25 years warranty

At BIOROCK we think that the EN12566-3 Wet Pit Test could not be an option to secure the 25 years warranty of our tanks.  If our tanks would not have passed this test, we would have had no confidence in this unique 25 years warranty.

This high ground water question is so sensitive that a specific “agrément” was created in France to test the resistance of the sewage treatment tanks to ground and water pressure. BIOROCK has passed this test successfully.

Our Wet Pit Certificate is available here.