5 Misconceptions About Home Sewage Treatment Plant and Wastewater Treatment

5 Misconceptions About Home Sewage Treatment Plant and Wastewater Treatment

Posted on 11 Feb 2022 by Lise Helluy

There are a lot of misconceptions about home sewage treatment plants and wastewater treatment. Many people believe that these systems do not work well, or that they produce bad smells. This is not true!

In this blog post, we will debunk five of the most common myths about home sewage treatment plants and wastewater treatment. Read on to learn more!

Myth 1: Non-collective sanitation works less well than collective sanitation.

False! Collective sanitation systems, such as septic tanks and centralized wastewater treatment plants, work well in densely populated areas, but they are not always appropriate for rural or suburban areas. Home sewage treatment plants can be just as effective as collective systems in smaller communities. 

For example, BIOROCK non-collective wastewater treatment plants are designed to treat wastewater from small communities, homes as well as hotels or lodges. Our home sewage treatment plant systems are particularly well-suited to areas where the topography prohibits a sewer system from being installed, or where it is not economically feasible for a homeowner to connect their home to an existing municipal sewage network. Why? Our systems are incredibly compact and do not require any power supply to treat wastewater. 

BIOROCK home sewage systems operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week to discharge a high-quality effluent! You will not see home sewage treatment plants the same way as before!

Myth 2: It is totally normal to perceive bad smells with a home sewage treatment plant!

Many people believe that home sewage treatment plants produce terrible smells. However, this is not usually the case! If your system is properly maintained and functioning correctly, you should not experience any unpleasant odors. 

If you are experiencing bad smells, it is likely that your system is not working correctly and needs to be checked by a professional. Contact a qualified technician as soon as possible to have your system inspected and repaired. Do not wait until the problem gets worse!

Moreover, bad odors are possible if the ventilation of the septic tank has been poorly designed or poorly implemented. It is therefore necessary to make sure that the tank is ventilated above the living quarters with an extractor.

Fortunately, BIOROCK ventilation systems have been designed by sanitation experts and experienced engineers. Our tanks are therefore very well ventilated, which allows our systems to be completely odorless. Enjoy your garden again in peace!


Myth 3: I can ask my neighbor farmer to empty my pit.

This is not true! If you have a home sewage treatment plant, it is important to hire trained professionals to empty your system periodically. This will prevent the buildup of solid waste and extend the lifespan of your home sewage treatment plant.

If your neighbor is not a sanitation professional, you should never ask him to go into a tank to empty it! He could be exposed to dangerous gases and harmful bacteria, among other things. 

To check that sludge is not accumulating in the pit, you can check the level of sludge from time to time. Use an odometer or simply a stick after opening the manhole and letting the air out for a few minutes. Don't lean over the pit directly, as a noxious gas will escape when the pit is opened. When working on the sewage system, create a safety perimeter and keep children and pets away. Never go down into the tank and let the air out before leaning over it to evacuate the noxious fumes.

Myth 4: My home sewage treatment plant has not received any maintenance for over 15 years, but it still works perfectly well!

Not so fast! Regular home wastewater treatment maintenance can help ensure that your home wastewater treatment system is functioning properly at all times. It may be tempting to cancel a home wastewater treatment service call if everything seems fine, but this could cause problems in the future - especially if there are signs that something may be wrong with your system (such as slow drains, gurgling sounds, or frequent drain backups).

Indeed, if no maintenance is carried out, the pipes of the tank will gradually become blocked. In this case, the tank will become saturated and the bacteria responsible for eliminating the waste in the tank will no longer be able to act. If you do not intervene, the sludge in your tank will go up to your pipes. The only solution will then be to call in an emptying company, which can be expensive.

To avoid these problems, we advise you to maintain your septic tank regularly, which allows the bacteria to do their job and eliminate the waste as they go along.

Myth 5: It is the local authority that decides on the type of home wastewater treatment system to be installed on my plot of land.

Although it is true that some home wastewater treatment systems require permission from your municipality before installation, this does not mean you have no say in what happens! If you prefer one home wastewater treatment method over another (for example, treatment plant vs cesspool), we recommend speaking with an experienced home wastewater treatment professional about your options. Get in touch with a BIOROCK expert right now, he will be delighted to advise you on the choice of the right system for your project and establishment! 

To conclude, remember that home wastewater treatment systems are not all created equal! Make sure to do your research and choose the system that is best for you and your needs. BIOROCK home sewage treatment plants have been designed with your comfort and safety in mind - so you can rest assured knowing that your home sewage treatment plant will work perfectly well, without any unpleasant surprises.

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