The building of sewage treatment plants to the specifications of an individual job

Objavljeno dne 09 Dec 2014 objavil Biorock

Another challenge in the smaller sewage plant market: the building of sewage treatment plants to the specifications of an individual job.

BIOROCK is aware of the need in the industry for the approval of each small-plant design, especially in the UK market where every site and septic system environment is so different from each other. The need for the correct plant and design for every individual application is critical.

Our pre-engineered plants are designed for each specific application, and out trained national BIOROCK installers will ensure installations as per the certification of our manufacturing company. As a reputable and committed small individual sewage treatment plants industry player, BIOROCK does offer a complete maintenance contract and servicing after the sale of the plants through its network of trained installers. We think that self-regulation is the only quality control that will have a long-term effect on the industry. At BIOROCK we believe that this way of doing business is the way forward for the small sewage plant manufacturers and suppliers sector where the reputable, quality manufacturers will survive. As manufacturers we have decided to give input on recommendations for plant design, operation, and maintenance and service levels to prevent the problems the small sewage plant sector is currently facing. By following our guidelines, our installers will be taking responsibility to operate and maintain our plants after the sale of a BIOROCK small sewage plant.